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Being an architect, I believe that my pursuits of finding harmony and balance in everything that surrounds us led me naturally to a passion for photography.

The almost 17 years of experience in photography have taught me a lot. From the early start in working for an architectural magazine (as a student) to all the traveling to spectacular places and breathtaking mountains I still feel I learn a great deal everyday that I spend with a camera in my hands.

I simply love the transformation process  from thought to reality, from concept to tangible and all in between.

In photography I see landscapes like complex compositions of
different shapes, volumes, light and shadows that interact with each other in some way to compose a message of sort that can or cannot be deciphered.

Capturing these random samples of true beauty found in nature
and in forms of built environments is an inspiration for me in everyday life,
bringing me much joy and satisfaction.

Even though I try not to temper a lot with the raw image, I do consider post-processing an important step towards expressing the idea behind the photograph.

…Maybe it is some kind of search, for deeper meanings, for unanswered questions, for the soul.